CFDD take on the Ann Arbor Brawlstars

Written by: Karen Bout-Cha

This season the Cornfed Derby Dames wanted to push their limits and play tough teams they knew they would not easily beat.  You may ask yourself, “Why?” Well, you only get better when you are playing the best and this was one of those teams!

The Dames were back in action Saturday, May 27th.  The team, coaches and refs made the 250-mile trip to Novi, Michigan to take on the Ann Arbor Derby Dimes’ Brawlstars.  It was a great day for derby and the Dames were excited to be playing a tough team.  After a long car ride and having the time to catch some of the action from the Derby Dimes’ B and C teams, the Dames geared up to take on their first “A” team of the season.

The roster for Cornfed had some skaters in new positions.  While the Dames still had all-star jammer OCDiva (34) out on the track, they also added Lulu Dropa-vitch (10) and Sonic the Trackhog (14) to the jammer rotation.  USAmee (9) was also on the track making her blocking debut, after she jammed in the Columbus, Indiana bout in April.

Cornfed got off to a good solid start, going head to head with the Brawlstars.  CFDD had great hitting and blocking from their team and allowed jammers to take full advantage of a few power jams.  With 10-minutes left until the half and after a few unfortunate calls in favor of the Brawlstars, the Brawlstars got the opportunity to steal away some points.  Coming into half-time the Brawlstars were in the lead 139-60.

When the Dames returned to the track their goal was to play as a team and try and cut the point gap down.  Those Brawlstars, though, were tough!  Cornfed never gave up and fought for as long as they could.  Then, with just minutes left in the bout jammer Sonic the Trackhog was hit and injured on the track.  The bout was stopped to make sure Sonic got the care she needed.*  After talking with the Brawlstars and after a tough bout, it was decided that the last 5 minutes of the bout would not be played.

So, Cornfed walked away with a loss on the track (final score 250-127)…but a big win for being able to play against a tough team like Ann Arbor.  Cornfed could then head home to begin preparing for their next bout and take the lessons learned from the Brawlstars with them.

*Sonic the Trackhog did receive medical attention from the on-site medics and was then transferred to a local hospital for tests.  She is now home and resting.  While her injuries could have been very serious, she will make a full recovery and be back on the track with the dames soon.

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