Another Win for the Dames!

Written by: Betty Fhite

March 23rd, 2013.  Columbus Indiana. It was the best of times.  It was the worst of times.  Actually, it was just stuffy.  Though the temperature was comfortable, with no fans to circulate the air, this derby dame was struggling.  We had just sat down after gear check.  Let’s get this show on the road.  The first whistle blows and the rematch was underway.  Last year it was an intense back and forth bout with the Diesel Dollz pulling ahead for the win.  Not to mention, that bout took out one of our promising new jammers, The Jen-A-Roll.

The first jam is underway.  Frida Brawlo pulled ahead for lead jammer status.  When that jam ended there were only 1 or 2 points in between.  I sat on the bench thinking, “Oh crap.  This isn’t going to be easy.”  Though there was some rough technical issues with the score board and the computer programs (Yeah Murse and Troy and your tech skills), the bout quickly started picking up speed.  We were up 10. 20. Then the Dollz came back and surpassed us by the same margin.  Emotions were running high and I remember being out there at one particular power jam for the Dollz.  Let me tell you my dearies, it was justas painful to watch video clips of that jam afterwards as it was to be in it.  We could not stop this Dollz’s jammer as she lapped usat least 3 times before our jammer came out of the box and the misery stopped.  By the end of the half, we up by 2 points with the score 76 to 78.

Under estimation.  Something you should never do.  Now, I’m just speaking for myself when I say this, but I thought this was going to be the easiest win of our season.  Not so much. I had skated against the Dollz last season at Gibbys. I figured this would be easy as pie.  I know, for myself, I sat there during halftime thinking “?????”  “How is this happening?” Mathlete, oh what a year can do and your girls were awesome.  They were faster and hit harder and were more aggressive than I had remembered.  Not to mention I heard some of the girls were out on maternity leave.  Side note, I hope my body can recover after having one baby as much as the recent mother of twins.  Dang girl!  You were rocking those derby shorts as I watched the hoola hoop contest for half time.

Anyway.  Back to the action.

The start of the second half there was more back and forth.  A power jam here and a power jam there.  Emotions still running high as an animated Hocker and Mathlete were jumping around on the sidelines in their Crocs and suit respectively (their signature clothing items).  Penalties were flying left and right.  Team Zebra had their jobs cut out for them as many jams only had 2 blockers for one team, or both.  Ultimately, the Dames started slowly pulling ahead and never looked back.  Our jammers skated fast and our blockers shut it down.  Your Cornfed Derby Dames came out victorious.  We named Miss BreHave and her sassy attitude and aggressive style blocking as MVP BLOCKER and Hawaiian Puncher with her gorgeous locks and quick speed as MVP JAMMER for the Diesel Dollz.  Myself and Frida were named your MVPs as blocker and jammer, but let me point out some awesome things that I saw from the bench and on the track with my team.  We have great talent.  This was USAmee’s first bout.  Let’s talk about how awesome she was.  Jamming, though Diva and Frida make it look easy, it is not.   I cringe every time that dreaded star panty gets thrown at me at practice.  USAmee never stopped no matterhow many times the Dollz awesome defense blocked her.  She never stopped and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the season has in store for her.  Stinka had some awesome blocks and don’t get me started on the way Racy KC SHOT DOWN the Dollz power jam nearly single handedly.

Your Dames are now 2-0.  See us at our next home bout April 7th.  Same time. Same Place.

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