Do You Know? Some Free Time With Shrewd

Do You Know This Dame?

If you manage to catch Shrewd when she has a free second, cherish it! This college girl is busy.

When she’s not on the track knocking ladies down with her brut and dangerous force, she’s studying away at Ball State University. Don’t let her cute face and golden locks fool you. Shrewd is one smart cookie and spends her time earning an accounting degree and econ minor. But wait, Shrewd some how fits a job at DQ into the mix as well.

As for athleticism, Shrewd says her history consists of a short stint of basketball in elementary school. And skating? There was this one time on pink Barbie skates, but other than that, her only experience is with derby.
Enough of all that. What did you want to know about Shrewd?

Congrats Shrewd! How has roller derby changed your life? -Mark Reid
It took up my free time. Haha! Really though, it has allowed me to meet the most awesome people and form great friendships. The derby girls are my family.  I have also developed ridiculous thigh and ass muscles that I am convinced no one makes jeans for.

How do you feel about sugar being poured on you? -Juke
It is only acceptable when it is poured in increments of 11, no more and no less.

What’s the hardest fall you ever took during Derby? -Go Do Muncie 
The hardest hit I have ever taken is actually a combination of all the hits in a jam.  I was jamming, never made it through the pack, and I am not even sure I skated an entire lap.  I spent most of the time on the floor.  I can’t remember who all was in the pack but Bobbi Pin and Betty definately were.  Afterwards, Betty says to me “sorry milkmaid.” Then Bobbi finishes, “Hocker told us to kill you, just following orders.”  It was the most painful jam and all I remember is their shoulders and butts.

How do you balance college, work, derby and a social life? -Anvil
Lots of planning.  I have to write everything down in my planner and I have tons of post it notes all around my desk.

What pushes you to go harder, faster, longer? -Betty Fhite
There is always room for improvement.  No matter how hard, fast or long you go, you can always work to go harder, faster and longer.

Do you have a signature move? -Stinka
No, not really.  Maybe I should work on one though.

How do you hit so freaking hard to where it feels like your breaking me in half? -Jen
Haha! I would have to credit that to my ridiculous thigh muscles. I suppose, and of course, the timing and positioning of the hits.

What do you think of before you hit someone? -Troy Morrison
Before hitting someone, I usually think about how it is going to benefit my team.  Whether it be hitting the opposing jammer or hitting a blocker to help my jammer through the pack.

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