Disco Derby Drag Down – Sept 9th

Just in case you missed this post again before. Here it is!
Contact info@farmhousenow.tk if you have a group of 5 or more that wants to go. You’ll each get in for $5! But hurry, this offer expires TOMORROW, Sept 1!

If you don’t have 5 friends then purchase your tickets in advance from a Dame or online HERE for $8!

If you know Dame Betty Fhite, then you know she has a huge soft spot in her heart for any man in uniform–especially a soldier–more specifically a Marine. So it was no surprise when she asked if CFDD would once again dedicate a bout to supporting our troops.

In order to do this, Betty contacted The Care Package Project at MarineParents.com. The project gathers items needed for care packages and letters that are then sent to deployed troops. The group currently ships more than 1,200 care packages four times a year to Marines stationed in Afghanistan. To date it has sent more than 30,000 packages to 28,000 Marines who might not be receiving mail or packages from home.

We need our fan’s help!!!

During our next home bout on Sunday, September 9, we will have a table set up for our fans to write notes to Marines to be included in a care package from the dames. We are also taking a collections of items.

We need the following items to include in our care package donation:

Single serving food kits (think tuna and fruit cups-cannot accept anything with pork or pork by products)
Beverage flavors (the single serve packets for water bottles like Crystal Lite)
Liquid body wash
AA and AAA batteries
Black boot-cut socks
Short sleeve, olive colored under shirts

So bring a letter, bring an item or two and enjoy our bout!


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