Roadhouse Patioke

Did you miss karaoke tonight with the Dames at Texas Roadhouse?

You missed Elizabeth Tailher and Betty Fhite warming up the mic! Luckily I had my camera with me, so you can still pretend like you were there.

Betty Fhite singing her heart out. Always a performer!

Elizabeth TailHer gettin’ her air guitar on!

Say hello to little Miss D.G. OZsome (and her giraffe)!

It was mighty hot out there, but we persevered in our black t-shirts!

SLAM manda, Breckin U. Down and Annie Anthrax can always make you smile!

And the winner is …

BETTY FHITE! Boo-yah! (That’s right, SCRILLA! $102.50 of it!)

Catch out more pics on our Flickr page!

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