oh herro!

Hey there, it’s OCDiva and I’m here to introduce to you Elizabeth TailHer. Not only is she my awesome derby wife, but she is part of the CFDD practice committee, scores perfect attendance quite often, has the best hips EVER, and now is going to be a guest blogger on our website/blog. (We’ve been needing some derby lovin’s on here!)

Take it away TailHer!


This is a collection of awesome things from tonight’s scrimmage at practice.

1. “Don’t be an easy point!” Slam yelled this over to me as one of the jams was being called off. The whole thing happened in slow-motion. I looked over at her as she’s yelling it as she’s making her way forward, I look over to my right and see the opposing jammer coming up and passing me as I just stared. The jam might have been called off before she passed me, but that was one of those stupid moments when everything is in slow-mo and it’s like I’m above the pack, seeing what’s happening, but my body doesn’t move to execute. Silly.

2. Focus. Excluding the above comments (and a few like them), my focus was miles better than the last scrimmage night. We also tried out a new way of running scrimmage night so that we have a chance to work through scenarios, as well as some time to discuss what happened.

3. Usin’ that booty! I think 98.9% of the checks I made tonight were hip checks. This is awesome, since one of my goals is to utilize my “assets.”

4./5. I ♥ my derby wife! These two are grouped together, since they both display how awesome she is. When she walked into the dojo, she had this for me…

A stack of Real Simple magazines, a Tootsie Pop, and an iTunes gift card w/”congrats” written on it. (Congrats was for me getting a job, btw.)

Then during one of the last jams of the practice, she utilized my “assets” for a sweet whip around the outside. This doesn’t seem out of the ordinary, since she usually does this, but in this case she grabbed me by my sweet underwear!

It was a complete Coppertone moment.

Best part? It was a pretty darn good whip! Good thing I was wearing underwear under my underwear!

6. Betty Fhite Skyped in one of her friends who is currently serving in Afghanistan so that he could watch some of our scrimmage. Even though the internet connection sucked and it didn’t last the entire time, Betty told us that he really appreciated it and that it was great to see some people in the States and it took his mind off what was going on over there. Really cool.

Overall, tonight was great!

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