Cornfed’s Early Days – The Church of Skate

Did you know that before we made Gibson Arena our home, Cornfed’s first practice space was a church? Muncie Alliance Church graciously allowed us to skate in their sanctuary twice a week. We spent a lot of time stacking chairs to clear the space, then resetting them again, but it worked to get us through the early days.

Eva Brawl, Albert Fishnets, and Bobbi Pin, the three Cornfed founders.
We had no idea what we were doing, as you can see from the shocking lack of gear in these photos from Debbie Darko’s collection documenting the start of the league. These are all from one practice, held on June 9, 2010, just a couple months after we formed.


Do you see any familiar faces? They include Bobbi Pin, Albert Fishnets, and Eva Brawl, the three who came up with the idea that Muncie should have a roller derby league. We’re still here 13 years later celebrating how far we’ve come.


Help us celebrate our journey and all the skaters who helped us get this far joining us at our next game on Saturday, May 27th. Learn more.


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