Featured Skater: KarmaKazi #247

Our All-Stars team has definitely been feeling the effects of having KarmaKazi play with Cornfed. Karma joined us this fall as a transfer, which she says was “a bit daunting, but Cornfed has welcomed [her] with warm open arms.” We’ve all been happy to get to know her fun personality, great attitude, and merciless hits. As a blocker, Karma reminds jammers that they’ll always get back what they dish out–and more.

KarmaKazi started skating in January 2015 with A-Town Roller Derby. She says that she fell in love with roller derby “immediately, even though [she] could barely skate!” Her skills have grown rapidly since then, and she gives credit for that to the supportive roller derby community, which she says is her favorite part of roller derby.

Many roller derby players choose their name based on people they admire, traits they have, or another activity they love. Karma chose her name for different reasons, though. She says that she “wholeheartedly believe[s] in Karma,” and wanted a name to reflect that. So she “added a little pun action and BOOM, there she was.” And, since Karma–the concept and the skater–can come for you at any time, her number is 24/7.

When Karma isn’t stopping jammers in their tracks, she works as an office assistant at Caregiver Homes in Indianapolis. She also works at Tangram, Inc. as needed as a Direct Service Provider, where she “provide[s] direct support and care to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.” Karma also enjoys “reading, watching movies, and The Arts,” and spending time with her Dad and younger siblings–who have never missed one of her home games! 

When asked about how she’s feeling about Cornfed’s 8th season, Karma said that she’s “super stoked!”  She said that “It’s wonderful to be a part of such a talented, strong group of humans who push and support each other! I see great things happening, not only during this season, but many more to come!” We can definitely see Karma doing great things this season, too, as she pursues her goal of continuing to improve and pushing herself even harder. She even hinted at potentially getting back into jamming, which should scare any blockers that are going to play the All-Stars this season!

Make sure to come see KarmaKazi in action at Cornfed’s Season Opener against Naptown on February 25th at Gibson’s Skating Arena! Tickets are $10 in advance through Brown Paper Tickets and $12 at the door. This doubleheader starts at 2 PM with the All-Stars versus the Warning Belles, later, the Missfits will play the Third Alarm. You won’t want to miss seeing Karma teach jammers that what goes around, comes around.


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