Cornfed Derby Dames vs Circle City Socialites

A Healthy Dose of Friendly Competition

Cornfed Derby Dames vs Circle City Socialites

Heartbeat racing…..adrenaline pumping ….deep breaths, as skate laces get tied and velcro straps fall into place! These are the sounds of a derby girl getting ready for battle. Mark your calendar for Sunday March 29th. We’re taking on the Circle City Socialites in a healthy dose of friendly competition. CCDG was one of the first leagues to reach out to CFDD and help get things in motion 5 years ago. This has developed a longtime friendship between the leagues, but don’t let those high fives and hugs fool you.  This bout will be a tough run for both teams. Come out to Gibson’s Skating Arena and watch this epic dose of roller derby action.


Doors open a 3 p.m. and tickets are $10 at the door, or $8 pre-sale from your favorite derby girl.

You may also purchase tickets from

But wait! Don’t forget our awesome charity this season, ARF! We will be collecting donations in forms of canned and bagged food for our furry animal friends.  You may even find yourself inquiring about adopting one of these cute little animals, as ARF will be there with information on how to make new additions to your family.

Don’t wait to make this date! You won’t see CFDD on their home turf again until June 29!

— fOWL Play

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