Tiny Beast of a Pivot – Sonic!

So you think you know our favorite Trackhog? We asked on Facebook who you wanted to know more about and you said Sonic! Here is what her most loyal and loving of fans wanted to know:


April Abernathy – Would you ever drink a bottle of Coke that’s say more than 10 years old? <this may be an inside joke>

-Hells yeah. 😉


Mark Reid – You wear the Pivot panty a lot during bouts, what are the top three characteristics/qualities it takes to be a great Pivot?

-Leadership. You have to know what it takes to lead people and have them trust in you to know what the right move is.

-Knowledge of the game. I watch tons of bouts. Almost every weekend. Shoot, my google chrome saved pages are DNN, WFTDA.tv, Youtube [to search for derby videos of course!], and WFTDA.com. I also look over the rules from time to time if I have any doubts about something I’m doing.

-A voice. I’m a loud person naturally so barking out directions is a walk in the park for me. But I don’t just mean barking out directions when I say a voice. The ability to ask questions, suggesting ideas to better a play during practice, or even just encouraging your teammates during a scrimmage or bout. Even from the bench I’m always giving directions/cheering on my teammates. I also try to give advice to the girls every chance I get.


Tambra White – Why do you sweat so much?!

-Truthfully it’s probably because I have ridiculously high cholesterol. But to keep things fun I’m gonna say it’s because I have this super ability to make myself sweaty so I can slide through walls of derby girls. No one wants to touch the sweaty person right?!


Megan Stewart – How did you get into derby?

-Alright, here it is…. the movie Whip it. I watched that movie and instantly fell in love. I researched Roller Derby on the web, found out there was a team in Fort Wayne and I went there to watch my first bout. I was hooked. I had to try it. I actually started skating about 2 months before I found CFDD because my friend Chrissy and I were going to try out for a team in Indy together. I saw the flyer for a start-up team in Muncie at Docs, went to the meeting, and BAM! Here I am 3 years later.


Angela Morrison – What do you have in store for fans? (aka season 3 goals/aspirations- person or team based)

-Hmm, this is a toughy. I am mainly a Pivot for now but someday I would like to be more of a jammer. [Maybe, just maybe you’ll see a little of that in season 3. Who knows!?] I’ll have to work on my endurance for that one. Also my footwork. I feel like I fall down most of the time because I trip over my own skates. And of course I always want to work on becoming a better team player and leader for CFDD.


Zach Coffman – What, in your opinion, is the number one skill a derby player should strive for excellence in?

-Well, this one is really hard. I don’t think there is a “number one skill”. There are many and everyone is different. I would say to always put in 100%. Really give a shit about what you’re doing and do it to the best of your ability. “Do or do not, there is no try.”


Also, how did you snag such a handsome man?

-I ask myself the same question every day. I’m just one hell of a lucky gal I suppose. 🙂


Betty Fhite – Why don’t you jam more?

-My endurance sucks. It makes me want to barf. I really like jamming, I do, but it takes a lot of energy and I wear down quickly when I jam. Like I said in Breckin’s question, I hope I can up my endurance so that someday I can be just like OCDiva and Frida Brawlo. 🙂


Leanne Coffman – How did you get your derby name?

-Well I used to be Megasaurus Wrecks in the beginning. Back when I thought TwoEvil.org was the Name God or something like that. When I checked my name on that database it was “Very Similar” to someone else’s name and therefore would mostly likely get “rejected”. So I changed it. It took me awhile to come up with a name I liked. I came up with two names and I had to ask all my friends for help. It was either going to be PUNCHnski [play off of my last name] or Sonic the Trackhog [a play off of the video game Sonic the Hedgehog] . I just liked Sonic so much I chose that one. So now I run around that track trying to get gold rings and saving all those cute animals from the evil Dr. Robotnik.

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