Sound Off: Advice to Fresh Meat Self

If you could go back in time, what advice would you offer your fresh meat self?

“Be patient. You are learning a new sport. Don’t expect it to come quickly or be easy. Also, give yourself a year before you don’t feel like the newbie. It takes a while to really feel like part of a team. Make the effort, keep trying and eventually you will no longer be the newest person.” —Slipper E. Noodle #XS1

“Wear wrist guards always (even at charity events,) and watch out for your gear bag during bout week one of season two. But really – don’t compare yourself to others. It will only cause sadness. It’s okay to not be able to jam like Diva, hit like Bobbi, and magically appear in front of them like Bruisey. Keep trying to do those things but being different isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Head down, mouth shut and work harder.” —Breckin U. Down #1953

“Buy better knee pads!”
“Take derby seriously, it’s going to be your life. Practice hard but understand it takes time, do it for yourself and no one else.” —Juke Skyblocker #RED5

“I’m with Juke…Don’t skimp on the pads!!! Lesson learned!” —Lady Bionic #V1.0

“I know I’m still a newbie, but I’d say listen to the vets. Try to take in as much advice as they give you. And, I’ve made goals for each practice that I try to meet.” —Funky Cold Mestinka #729

‎”The following is an erratic string of advice I would tell my FM self, and sometimes I still tell myself today: You’re not just a derby girl; you’re an athlete, even if you don’t think so. Be kind to yourself, physically and mentally. You might not become a Suzy Hot Rod or Bonnie D. Stroir overnight, but just keep with it. Don’t get discouraged. Ask for help. Derby people love to share what they know. Derby can become your life, but don’t feel guilty if your other life gets in the way. Sometimes you might have to prioritize.”
“Oh! And be smart about injuries. Don’t try to do more than you can while injured or come back too soon from an injury – you might just make it worse.” — Elizabeth TailHer #7

“I would tell myself that crying (literally) about your skills/lack of/where you are in comparison to other skaters is pointless. But I will still say that the water works turn on more than we all care to admit. And it’s OK!” — Annie Anthrax #.444

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