Cornfed Derby Dames Get Healthy

Another post from Slipper E. Noodle:

Roller derby is a sport.  I know, I know, this seems obvious to a lot of people.  But there are several people out there that have not even heard of roller derby before.  Then the image they get is of the 70’s staged derby fights and costumes.  When I tell people how often we practice, the endurance drills we do, and how sore I am from push ups and sit ups and leg lifts (oh, my), they suddenly start to realize:  roller derby is a sport.

Like most sports, derby takes endurance, stamina and strength.  These things are not easy, and they are especially hard if you are out of shape, eating junk and/or smoking.  So it’s not surprising that since joining The Cornfed Derby Dames, several of us have done things that have improved our health.  So, here are the stats (’cause numbers make me happy).

15 of us have improved our nutrition.
7 of us have lost a significant amount of weight (and those that haven’t have probably exchanged fat for muscle)
2 have joined a gym to cross train
3 have cut down on alcohol consumption
7 experience less stress
9 have improved body image and/or self confidence (Yay for helping women feel good about their bodies!)

AND the statistic I am most proud of:

6 of my teammates have quit smoking since they joined The Cornfed Derby Dames!

That’s right!  Six have quit smoking!  Now, I don’t know if the smoking ban at bars in Muncie has had anything to do with this (just kidding), but I think this is awesome.  I am so proud of my teammates!  I’m also thankful that roller derby is not just a sport, but a sport that is improving the health and well being of some fabulous women.

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