Recap of CFDD vs CCDG Bout

The crowd lept to their feet, cheering on the jammers speeding around the track, racing the final seconds of the clock. A four point spread separated the Cornfed Derby Dames and the Circle City Party Crashers in the final seconds of the bout, both teams fighting to take the win.


CFDD took on The Circle City Party Crashers on Saturday night, August 13 at the jam packed Forum at Fishers. The first half was a close match with less than ten points separating the score. Both teams played a fast and smart game, utilizing quick positional blocking and well placed hits. The Party Crashers pulled ahead at the half, putting them 21 points in front of Cornfed.


In the second half, the Party Crashers pulled ahead, bringing the gap between scores to more than thirty points. Cornfed refused to give up and continued to play a well-planned offense, taking back 30 points in eight minutes during the half. This brought the spread down to four points in the last half. Unfortunately, Cornfed was not able to gain lead jammer and lost the bout by nine points, with a final score of 100-109.


Even though we did not pull out a win, this was by far the best bout of the season. Not only did we play harder and used strategy to our best advantage, we had the honor of playing the Party Crashers, part of the Circle City Derby girls who have been our mentors over the last year. Without all of their help, we would not be where we are today. I am honored to have skated along side them and look forward to continuing to do so in the future! Saturday’s bout exemplified everything roller derby is about: sportsmanship, teamwork, and getting to knock our friends around 🙂 . I am proud to have skated alongside the Party Crashers and am proud to call myself a Cornfed Derby Dame.


I hope to see all of our awesome fans at our next bout, Heroes vs Villains on September 11th!! See our posters for donation suggestions for the troops!


Derby love,


DG OZsome


Check out the latest photos from CCDG bout. Photos by Matt Ruddick Photography. Thanks Matt!

CLICK HERE to see the photos!

And get ready for our next HOME bout against the Lake City Roller Dolls on September 11th at Gibsons!

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