CFDD Shuts Out CCDG Party Crashers 205-40

The Cornfed Derby Dames added another win to their season against the Circle City Party Crashers on May 19th, 2012 at The Forum.  This was CFDD’s 3rd bout of the season, and they’ve never looked better.  They had perfect walls, spectacular hits, fantabulous jamming and great coaching.  CFDD came to play hard!  Even though the final score was 205-40, the CFDD gals never let down their guard and played the entire bout like it was a 1 point game.

The second half was almost a shut out. The dames gave up less than 10 points. CFDD had their best bout yet, and I’m so excited for all their future bouts.

As always, spirits were high and smiles big between both teams.

CFDD’s next bout will be at home on Sunday, June 3rd at 4pm.  Come watch your 2-1 CFDD take another win!!!

This bout recap brought to you by The Jen-A-Roll!


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