To go where no derby girl has gone before

photo by Matt Ruddick

Charting new territory! Conquering fear! Going where no derby girl has gone before! The Cornfed Derby Dames kicked off their second season on Sunday, April 15 with Cornfed: The Next Generation, taking on the Naptown Rollergirls Third Alarm.

Cornfed put up a good fight, using strong strategy to match points with Naptown during the first half. Naptown answered with hard hits, splitting up Cornfed blockers and allowing their jammer to have an easy path through the pack. Both teams fought hard, keeping a close margin at halftime.

During the second half, Cornfed fought hard but was overpowered by Naptown’s decidedly strong defensive strategy. Cornfed left all their heart on he track, with a final score of NRG 185 – CFDD 76.

Despite the loss, I could not be prouder of my team. We never gave up, we fought hard, and Coach Hocker did an amazing job at his first bout as head coach. A very smart man once said “You may make it. You may not. But that doesn’t matter, Charlie. What matters is that we’re here. Look around. Who ever thought we’d make it this far……Take your best shot. I believe in you, Charlie. Win or lose.”

Quack. Quack. Quack.

See you on May 6th!

Derby love,

DG Ozsome

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