Featured Skater – B-Flattened

This week’s Featured Skater is B-Flattened #13!

B-FLATtenned Photo

B-Flattened, a clarinet player of eight years (see what she did there?), is one of CFDD’s veteran blockers. If you ever find yourself an opposing jammer, thinking you’ve made it past her booty to the safety of the top of the pack, think again! Chances are, she’s already waiting for you there and you’re right where she wants you. If you ever find yourself in the Emergency Room, you might just be under the care of Nurse B. Working as an ER nurse is just a bit of her workout routine! She’s no Muncie native, but she’s no stranger to corn on the cob and this is where she calls home.

B-FLATtenned Photo2
“These girls are my family here in Muncie. We’ve been through a lot together and I don’t know where I’d be without them.”

After pumping herself up with her bout day favorites, The Pretty Reckless and In This Moment, catch B-Flattened and the rest of the Dames at CFDD’s first home bout of Season 5 on Sunday, February 22nd! Tickets are available through Brown Paper Tickets, your favorite Dame, or at the door.

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