Cornfed Takes the Win!

The Cornfed Derby Dames (CFDD) season opener against the Confluence Crush Heartbreakers, from Collinsville, IL, kicked off with one of the largest crowds to date. CFDD began the afternoon with Bruisey Ricardo gaining lead jammer over the Heartbreakers. The first half ended with Cornfed leading, 121-32. Half time was met with a lot of tears. We sent off two amazing skaters who have been with CFDD since the very beginning, Bobbi Pin and Bruisey Ricardo.

In the second half the Heartbreakers came back with their game faces on and scored 74 points. It was no easy task, the Heartbreakers put up an amazing fight, but Cornfed took home the win 248-106.

Written By: Annie Anthrax

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