The Dames Walk for the Mission

From Left: Lulu Dropa-Vitch, Karen Bout-Cha, J.J. BabeRams, RayC KC, Funky Cold Mistinka, Shrewd Bury-more, Lady Bionic, Breckin’ U. Down, OCDiva, and B-Flattened.
From Left: Lady Bionic, LuLu Drop-A-Vich, B-Flattened, J.J. BabeRams, Breckin' U. Down, Karen Bout-Cha, Shrewd Burymore, Ray-C KC, and Funky Cold Mistinka.
From Left: Lady Bionic, Lulu Dropa-Vitch, B-Flattened, J.J. BabeRams, Breckin’ U. Down, Karen Bout-Cha, Shrewd Bury-more, Ray-C KC, and Funky Cold Mistinka.

On February 9th, a brisk, sunny day, the Dames set out to participate in the Walk-A-Mile in My Shoes event for the Muncie Mission. Organized this year by Lady Bionic, 13 ladies signed up and collected over $550 for the mission. These pledges lead by Karen Bout-cha, who raised a whopping $370! Go Karen! Many of the Dames believe so much in the Mission, not only did they collect money from others, they donated their own money as well! This is the third year Cornfed has participated. Each year the skater participation, and the donations collected, has increased.

So why do we get up at 6:30 in the morning to walk in the bitter cold? Because we care that’s why! The purpose of the walk is to raise awareness for the less fortunate in Muncie. These people brave the bitter cold, some having to sleep on the streets, and walk mile after mile in the frigid conditions. To help others who are more fortunate understand, the Mission holds the walk in the coldest month of the year. Knowing how hard it must be braving these conditions, the Dames are more than happy to raise money to help the Mission feed and house those who need the help. The Mission helps to not only get these men out of the cold but also to assist them through a 12-step program.

If you would like to donate privately to the Mission, please visit their Website at and click on the “Donate Now” icon. We hope to see you “Walking A Mile” next year when we brave the cold yet again to raise money for the Mission!

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