Sound Off: What’s In A Number?

Choosing a number in roller derby is a little different than saying I want to be No. 7 in little league. Sure, some girls may pick their favorite number or the number they chose for sports when they were younger. A majority of women have put some thought behind the digits proudly displayed on their jerseys.

Now the Dames Sound Off on the meaning behind their chosen numbers:

“My derby number is my father’s first firefighter number.”  —B-FLATtened #13

“My derby number is Green Day’s first CD. Yes I am a dork.” —Beastly Bit #1039

“It’s the age I was when I started derby.” —Anvil SmasHerNasty #30

“My derby number was originally just meaningless, but I’ve now started saying that I chose it because sideways it looks like two pairs of boobs on top of each other .” —Chrissy Calamity #33

“Mine is 40+ because I’m 40 and forever I will be 40+.” —The Jen-A-Roll #40

“My derby number is the number of husbands Elizabeth Taylor had.” —Elizabeth TailHer #7

“My derby number is my dad’s birth year since he passed in 2005 and would have absolutely been a huge fan of Breckin, the Dames and what we do.” —Breckin U. Down #1953

“Mine is .08—think that sums it up.” —rayC KC #.08

“Mine was also my dad’s birth year. He passed away in ’96.” —Karen Bout-cha

“My number 665, was Chad’s first triathlon participation number. Everyone assume it has something to do with 666 or being 1 short of the devil BUT it has to do with LOVESSSSSSSSSSS!” —SLAMbot

“Mine is my mom’s birthday.” —Funky Cold Mestinka #729

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