CFDD Pulls Out a Win Against Twin Cities

The beginning of summer always has a special feeling to it. The warm weather, the smell of fresh-cut grass, and the screech of skates on the floor as a derby girl goes flying off the track.

In the second bout of the season, the dames took on the Twin City Derby Girls from Champgne-Urbana, IL. The first half was a close match, trading point for point with each team fighting hard to get their jammers lead. In the second half, Cornfed’s tight walls and ability to control the pack enabled them to take a strong lead, finishing the bout with a score of 147-80. More important than the win however, was the fact that the Twin Cities girls were a blast to play with and made it a blast to play.

I’m sad to say this will be my last blog for Cornfed. I will be moving on to grad school and will no longer be in Muncie. I want to thank the fans, volunteers, NSOs, referees, and most importantly my dames for making the past 2 years amazing. Without every single one of you, this team would not be where it is today and neither would I. Please continue to support your local derby girls, for these are an amazing group of women who will continue to do great things for the Muncie community.

For the last time,

Derby love,

DG OZsome

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