You Might Be a Cornfed Derby Dame If …

CFDD’s Slipper E. Noodle wrote this, and I thought it was spot on!

You Might Be a Cornfed Derby Dame If …
1. You are constantly trying to think of cool places to have the after party.

2. You spend at least a day a week with black marker numbers on your arm that you can’t wash off.

3. You have tons of blue socks/shorts/tights/fingernail polish/etc…none of which quite match the Cornfed blue on your jersey.

4. You tell everyone you run into that yes, Muncie does have a roller derby team; no, we are not affiliated with Ball State; and yes, we play at Gibson’s.

5. You get your hair done at Clipzone, you special request a certain groomer at Petsmart, and you have a favorite bartender at Savage’s.

6. Your derby bag has at least 1 black shirt, 1 white shirt, 1 pair of shoes, and some Anti-stank.

7. You know exactly what to do when coach says to “hit the wall”.

8. You view the Dojo as the “good” locker room.

9. You know who to put the trash can next to during endurance practices.

10. You love corn, skating, and hitting on girls!

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