Walk A Mile (or more) for Muncie

Dear Cornfedders and Cornfed supporters, I am SO proud of you! You helped raise $334 for the Muncie Mission. $334!!! Our Fresh Meat Tiffany, came in first with raising $80 … but it’s obvious every one contributed, so THANK YOU!

Thanks for showing Muncie that we care about our community!

On top of raising funds for the Muncie Mission, seven of us braved the freezing elements to Walk A Mile (and more if you had to park far away)! One of the reasons the Mission chooses winter to have their event is to have those who are participating feel a tiny sense of what a homeless person might feel like wondering the streets of Muncie this time of year. After experiencing a short, freezing walk this morning, it makes me even more thankful we were able to help out an organization that cares for the homeless. As their ads say, “There are no disposable people.”

before the cold:

Sonic the Trackhog during the cold:

After the walk, still in the cold (yes that is snow whipping around us):

Sonic, Missy, Breckin, Shrewd, Anvil and our derby girl gone ref, Karen Bout-cha (and OCDiva behind the camera)


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