What’s in your bag?

aka:  TailHer Needs to Clean Out Her Bag

With the new year, I figured I’d continue my Roller Derby Picture Challenge. I only made it to Day 3 before I stopped for some reason.
Here’s a run-down from top to bottom:

  • Smith Scabs knee pads
  • 187 elbow pads
  • Triple 8 wrist guards
  • Protec helmet
  • Adidas bag (once used for summer swim team and middle school soccer =p)
  • Smith Scabs knee gaskets that I hardly ever use
  • Towel to wipe wheels
  • Riedell R3 skates
  • Ace ankle brace
  • Captain’s patch (no, I wasn’t captain; I would sew them on uniforms =p)
  • “Sniff Snuffers” (they go in my skates)
  • Baby wipes (soooo useful!)
  • CFDD practice shirt
  • Duct tape
  • Wrap
  • Sport tape
  • Mouth guard in old retainer case
  • Target brand Icy Hot
  • Old mouth guard
  • Practice drills from an old practice
  • Hair tie
  • Numerous bobby pins
  • Old nuts (only 7 because I lost one while outdoor skating)
  • Old toe stops
  • Skate tool no. 1
  • Skate tool no. 2

Funny thing, there are only a few things I’d take out. Ugh.


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