Hello CFDD fans with graphic artist skillz.

We are looking for a new and consistent look for the start of our 2011 season. This is where you fit in.

We’re holding a contest.

Certainly, we know you would charge big money for your talent, but we also know sometimes inspiration just strikes and you’re willing to share your goodness with the rest of us. And because of that, we would like to give the winner of the design contest a free CFDD t-shirt with their logo and free entrance to all CFDD events for 2011.

• 1-3 color logo (preferably only two, but either way, it should also look good as a one-color logo)
• Our colors are undetermined officially at this point … so show us what you got!
• Rated PG

Important info to include:
• Cornfed Derby Dames
• Can also try to incorporate CFDD
• Muncie, Indiana

Preferred file type: AI preferred so we can make changes if needed—Adobe Illustrator, version CS3 or lower.
• You can provide a file with the “.ai” extension or the “.png” or “.eps” extension
• The file should contain artwork that has been drawn in Illustrator, and not imported to it
• All fonts should be converted to outlines

Entrants should take care to ensure that their entries are not in any way similar to existing logos or other copyrighted images
Please see the WFTDA league page to see view other WFTDA logos

email submissions to: OCDiva34 {at} gmail {dot} com
email OCDiva at the above address with any questions.

*By submitting your logo entry to CFDD you are donating your design to CFDD to be used for all marketing, print, web …. pretty much anything to do with CFDD. This means that you forfeit any rights to your work and ownership goes to us. You also give us rights to modify your design without approval from you. In it’s basic, we like you. We like that you are willing to design a logo for us. Maybe one day when our team is the #1 WFTDA team in the nation, we will have the money to pay you to design really cool things for us. But until then, thank you for your donation of time and talent. We appreciate you! P.S. We will give you credit on our website as the creator of the logo. Yay!

Derby Love and Thanks!
Cornfed Derby Dames

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